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Wellness App

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How Do People Benefit from the Live Platform App?

Herman Miller's wellness app helps people create more personalized, active work experiences.
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Set Personal Posture Preferences

People can take charge of their work experiences by pairing the app with any connected desk. Using the app, you can set preferences for sitting and standing and be assured that your desk will always be at the right height, no matter how often you move.
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Get Ergonomic Coaching

Working together, the app and height-adjustable desks remind people when it's time to change postures and gradually help them achieve activity goals. This heightened level of activity encourages people to be more productive, efficient, and engaged.

Invest in Employee Wellness

Make the most of your investment in your people and ergonomic furniture with the Live Platform App. We make it easier for people to stay active at work, and our data makes it easier for you to understand how and when people are using their ergonomic work tools.
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