Our Team

We are committed customer advocates.

In an industry that is complex and requires a significant learning curve for most key positions, nothing can replace experience. Our team works side-by-side with talented employees to assist you and your business.

Commercial Business

  • Kenneth Cheng

    Kenneth Cheng Commercial Director

  • Eddie Law

    Eddie Law Sales Director

  • Ivan Tse

    Ivan Tse Account Manager

  • Stanley Yip

    Stanley Yip Account Manager

  • Gwyneth Li

    Gwyneth Li Account Manager

  • Alan Tse

    Alan Tse Account Manager

  • Charles Hui

    Charles Hui Senior Account Executive

Project Management

  • Gouki Kwok

    Gouki Kwok Project Manager, PM and PMS

  • Ricky Chan

    Ricky Chan Project Supervisor

  • Sam Luk

    Sam Luk Senior Project Officer

  • Gabriel Wong

    Gabriel Wong Senior Project Officer

In-store Retail Shop Consultants

  • Giuseppe Tseng

    Giuseppe Tseng Shop Manager

  • Kenneth Lam

    Kenneth Lam Senior Sales Representative

  • Tim Chan

    Tim Chan Assistant Shop Supervisor

  • Penny Chan

    Penny Chan Assistant Shop Supervisor

  • Queenie Chung

    Queenie Chung Senior Shop Manager