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Our Service

POSH offers holistic solutions for organisations dealing with growth and change. Our experience, innovative practices, efficiency expertise, and attention to detail are all key to our success in the furniture industry.

Relocating, renovating or rearranging your space can be complicated and overwhelming. That’s why we go above and beyond when it comes to selling furniture. We manage the whole process in-house—from strategic furniture selection to order fulfilment, delivery, installation and beyond—and the success of your project matters to us.

Change management
Our comprehensive understanding of workplace design and space optimisation makes us excellent partners for companies navigating organisational change. Whether you’re planning ahead to accommodate growth, reorganising after a merger or acquisition, looking for a new lease, or revaluating how your space can better attract and retain talent, we can help you create a high-performing work environment. We’ll analyse real estate, people and technology in order to help you successfully transform your business.

Space optimisation
Making the most of workspace is one of our specialities. We combine the expertise of our in-house workplace strategist with decades of research from Herman Miller into workplace design to evaluate your current space, improving the way you work through new product recommendations—and even new configurations.

Furniture selection and project management
No matter whether you’re purchasing a single chair or all the furniture standards for your corporate headquarters, we will deliver on time and on budget. With POSH, you’ll get access to a large selection of the best office furniture. We have decades of experience in corporate, education, government, and healthcare environments, making us perfectly placed to help you choose the products and options best-suited to your industry and needs.

Installation and logistics management
Our logistics management team is exceptional, we own a fleet of delivery vehicles, and we have our own, fully operational warehouse. We control every aspect of the process, which has enabled us to pioneer ground-breaking innovations in everything from order fulfilment to inventory management. This way, we can respond quickly to your needs—and save you time and money.

Post-occupancy studies
You designed your workplace to meet certain goals, but do you know if your efforts were successful? After a new build, move or remodel, our team can help you identify and execute any necessary adjustments to your setup to better support how your space is actually used.