Environmental Commitment

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

At POSH, we are dedicated to continued excellence, leadership and stewardship in protecting the environment and community in which we work and live. We aim to:

  1. Meet the requirements of all relevants laws, regulations and guidelines on environmental issues;
  2. Make the most economical use of natural resources and contribute to maintaining balanced ecological systems;
  3. Contribute to maintaining balanced ecological systems;
  4. Avoid, where possible, the use of materials which, under current knowledge indicates, causes damage to the environment through their gathering, production or disposal;
  5. Encourage waste reduction and the use of recycled material to develop environmental friendly office furniture;
  6. Make economic use and improve disposal methods of waste generated in production;
  7. Educate ourselves and share that knowledge across the organization and with the general public.

For details, please see our Environmental Profile.

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